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Ming Culture: Mingling of Flavors

02 October 2023

The Ming Culture event, hosted by the reputable brand Ming River Baijiu, recently took place at the Egg Hotel in Jakarta, bringing together a delightful fusion of Ming River's baijiu expertise and Egg Hotel's culinary mastery. The theme of the evening, "Concepted Cocktails & Tapas Pairings," set the stage for an unforgettable culinary experience. The event was a harmonious collaboration between Egg Hotel's restaurant and bar, with Executive Chef Guswandi representing the restaurant and Head Bartender Gufron showcasing the bar's creativity.

Guests were treated to a tantalizing cocktail menu that featured three exquisite baijiu-based concoctions. "Wu Xiang" combined Ming River Baijiu with a wu xiang base and a refreshing hint of menthe green, offering a symphony of flavors. "Nyonya Shui" blended Ming River Baijiu with a nyonya shui base, Italian bitter, and a champagne solution, creating a sophisticated and effervescent delight. Meanwhile, "Chuan Chuan" brought together Ming River Baijiu, a chuan chuan base, and coffee liqueur for a rich and intriguing sip. What set this event apart was the thoughtful inclusion of tapas pairings that accompanied each cocktail, enhancing the overall dining experience. Ming Culture at Egg Hotel Jakarta was truly a celebration of culinary artistry and mixology, leaving guests with a newfound appreciation for the mingling of flavors.


Ming River is imported and distributed exclusively by PT Pantja Artha Niaga and available through the online shop at and at selected bars in Indonesia.

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