Catering to your clients means finding suppliers you can trust, distributors that have proven to be reliable, well-stocked and supportive of the brands you buy. Suppliers that can offer a wide selection of quality products both well-known brands that your clientele expect and more niche offerings that you can recommend, to delight your clients and enhance their lifestyle.


We started PAN in 2007 with collective business experience and positive energy. It was a passion project that ran away with us.

We were adept in nurturing and building fine brands and we knew how to handle a global supply chain. Over time, our passion, values and commitment to high-quality service took care of the rest. In 2008, just one year into the business, we introduced Erdinger to the Indonesian market, and the rest, as they say, is history.


There are a number of factors that make us the preferred choice for the brands we carry and the clients we supply. These are all centred around our core values of passion, service excellence, reliability and loyalty to become a market leader.


This diversity of clients is why we have a track record in placing every product within our portfolio to the right outlet and right audience, even in the remotest places in the archipelago.