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Barton & Guestier Prestigious Dinner

02 August 2023

Hundreds and thousands of Barton & Guestier barrels and bottles have been imported and distributed with the assistance of PT Pantja Artha Niaga, into the hands of loyal customers in Indonesia. 

To show gratitude and appreciation, Barton & Guestier General Manager, Phillipe Marion, invites loyal partners and clients to join B&G Prestigious Dinner at Apéritif Restaurant Bali, on May 29th. The event will be attended by Special Guest Mr. Reeze Choi, who is the 3rd Best Sommelier of The World 2023.

Both parties are thrilled about this upcoming Prestigious Dinner. It's not just an opportunity to showcase Barton & Guestier catalog, but also a platform that connects individuals from the industry to the highest of Barton & Guestier management. In this event, PT Pantja Artha Niaga hopes to serve as a bridge, enabling meaningful connections that foster collaboration, innovation, and growth that will shape the future of our industry.

Barton & Guestier can be purchased online through and available in Red & White Wine and Spirits which are conveniently located across all major cities for over 80 stores.

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