We founded PT Pantja Artha Niaga (PAN) in 2007 from humble beginnings. At that time, as a newcomer in the lifestyle beverage industry, we wanted to establish a reputation for a new way of trading, not just being another importer counting the number of units sold.

Beyond quantity, our goal is to deliver high service quality. We want to guarantee that each of our partners – both brand owners and retail outlet owners – are achieving their targets. Delivering quality products with good service has always been our principle; we want to do more than just ‘business as usual’.

With these principles, we have conveniently penetrated the market, gaining the trust of our global partners and our local partners throughout the country. Now, we are one of the largest importers and distributors of beer, wine, spirits and liqueurs in Indonesia.

In just over a decade, we have imported and distributed more than 150 global brands to local consumers. We have curated small and large brands focusing on taste and quality, and we support them to reach their target markets. We work closely with lifestyle venues, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs, to distribute the right products for their valuable customers.

Company Core Value


You can say we deliver bottles to our clients’ doors, but we definitely don’t stop there. We believe the signature of our service is determined by the whole process, and by providing an enjoyable, professional experience for clients, both brand owners and retail owners. Therefore, we aim to take the time to understand the overall experience of our clients, and to understand how they enjoy our service quality.

Furthermore, we provide a pre-sales service, where we offer our expert insight to enable our clients to decide the most suitable products for their customers. We pay special attention to our after-sales service, too.

We believe that we need to grow together with our clients, and their success is our success. This is a core value of our company.

PAN has a focused commitment to continue investing in the lifestyle beverage and consumer goods industry, including strategic business events, because we believe the progress of this industry is our progress, too. Since 2012, we have participated in the Food Hotel Indonesia and Food Hotel Tourism Expo. We have also been selected to support Forbes Indonesia’s annual event since 2014.



In 2007, PT Pantja Artha Niaga was appointed as an official distributor of PT Sarinah, a state-owned company that houses several other alcoholic beverage distributors. In 2008, PAN introduced Erdinger beer to the Indonesian market, and, in 2010, we introduced Beringer wine to affluent Indonesian consumers.

It was also in 2010 that the government passed a new policy for wine and spirit licensing. PAN was entitled to receive a licence for distribution of wine and spirits. Starting that same year, we officially became an independent distributor which enabled us to manage our supply chain more efficiently to our customers.

In a relatively short period of time, we have become known as a trusted alcoholic beverage importer and distributor working alongside big names in the industry. We are currently in the process of making our next steps towards expansion.



The essence of our work is to curate products, import, create marketing initiatives, and then deliver to, and support, our clients. In doing so, we are supported by a pool of experts who work with a passion to achieve excellence for our clients. Each team member is a person who has valuable experience in their respective field. With this knowledge, they can go beyond the expected service levels for our clients.

Our team consists of people who understand the lifestyle beverage business, from importing to distributing. We also have on-hand mixologists and sommeliers who are experts in various types of alcoholic beverages. They continuously educate our marketing team, to better understand every product they offer. Based on strong product knowledge, our marketers play their role to achieve successful sales performances for both our customers and ourselves.

Every product is handled by dedicated Brand Managers, who represent the brand owner’s view. In addition to distributing products to the right target audiences, our Brand Managers handle a number of brands for which we act as the Principal in Indonesia. They work to promote the brand, increase sales, and hold events which include ambassadors and personalities of the brand that they represent.

Our team goal is to make PAN a new benchmark in the lifestyle beverage and consumer goods industry. Above all, everyone who works at PAN is passionate and proud of the company and the brands we represent. Aside from our sales and marketing, every single person in the team is integral to growth and success.